What is Realms of Magic?

Realms of Magic is a 2D sandbox roleplaying indie game set in a classic western fantasy universe. Immerse yourself in the game’s compelling single player mode or dive into the diverse multiplayer mode.
Realms of Magic combines the best aspects from a multitude of genres, boasting the lively setting and character development of an RPG, alongside the creative freedom of a sandbox game, with the twitch based movement and combat from an action platformer to city building and management from strategy games.
The main idea behind this game is to give the player free rein over the creation of the world and character; the only boundary in this game is your imagination.
The inspiration behind the game comes from a mixture of Skyrim and Dwarf Fortress, presented in a Terraria-like sandbox.


Game setting

Realms of Magic universe has everything you could expect from a fantasy setting: dwarves, elves and orcs battling one another; undead, demons and dragons ravaging villages and cities; mythical monsters guarding ancient ruins full of gold and magic items.
Life isn’t easy in the Realms. Common people live in harsh, deprived conditions, their lives are often cut short due to the perilous nature of their work. Nobles, rich merchants and kings, live in luxury, exploiting the common people for power and wealth. Thievery, murder and corruption run rife in the realms, slave trade is demanded and legal in most regions.
Our universe is inspired by many other great universes like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, D&D’s Forgotten Realms, Warcraft, Elder Scrolls and Game of Thrones.

Do whatever you want

The main goal of Realms of Magic is to let you the player do anything you could possibly desire in a fantasy game.
Fight for good and become a hero or play mercilessly as a villain. Become an adventurer, be a man of the people, protect the commoners from bandits. And why not delve into the crypts and ruins to find out what treasures await.
Should you want to be purely evil, play as a necromancer, create enormous armies of the undead ready to strike at your whim. This game offers you the experience you want in a game, an experience you can control and change instantly based on how you want to play.
If you wish, you may even live the life of the everyday hard working commoner.


Character development

There is no class system in RoM. Instead there are skill trees such as Archery, Dual Wield, Light Armor, Frost or Demonology. This system fully allows the player to tailor their skills to their particular needs.
Do you want to be a heavy armored battlemage who uses a huge two-handed axe when enemies get too close? Maybe you want to play as a sneaky rogue using psychic magic to control his opponents? Or would you like to create an unarmed and unarmoured monk who utilizes martial arts and mobility to overcome challenges? Realms of Magic provides you with a wide range of tools in terms of gameplay and character customisation.
With about 30 skill trees there are thousands of possible character combinations, but that’s not all. Every tree contains dozens of different perks, adding another layer of customisation to your character.


Create and manage your city

Building and managing your own city is one of the core features of our game. You can create your own settlement from a variety of resources, or simply take over an existing one and claim it as your own. 
Tired of chopping down trees or mining for ores? No problem! Just simply recruit some miners and woodcutters and they will do it for you, whilst you continue on with your adventures; however, they won’t work for free, in exchange for their service you need to provide them with food or pay them. Over time you can build a self-sufficient settlement and employ more advanced NPC’s, such as enchanters and alchemists.
However, players beware. The richer and more prosperous you town is, the more tempting of a target it is for enemies. So, ready yourself, hire some guards, build fortifications and prepare for enemy invasions.


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Blog post #3

Zakharn 2017-05-15 13:39:31


Last week Tomek has joined our team. He will be working mostly on level design: creating locations, building structures for world generator, designing dungeons, etc. He will also do a little bit of work on sound effects.

Our programmers are wrapping up versions 0.3 and 0.4, mostly fixing bugs, tweaking and making minor changes. We are aiming to finish work on previous versions by the end of Friday, and move to full time work on version 0.5 in the next week.

Our design team is implementing content that we’ve created but haven’t put into the game yet. We’ve also did some design on combat system and world creation. Omadan has started implementing randomly generated quests from graph files into Unreal blueprints.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!0 comments

Blog post #2

Zakharn 2017-05-08 15:29:47


Versions 0.3 and 0.4 are almost done, and some of our programmers have already moved to version 0.5. The majority of the work left in those versions is assigned to our designers: adding content, tweaking parameters and adding sound effects.

Manwe has finished most of his tasks in version 0.3 and 0.4 and now he is working on final touches to quest system in version 0.5. After that, he still has one task to finish from previous versions: stairs. He also has several bugs to fix and changes to implement before he can start other tasks in version 0.5.

Luke has finished working on z-indexes and an ability to wear clothing and armor. He also spent some time optimizing rendering. Right now our game runs about 10x faster than it did before his changes. Currently, he is wrapping up creature animations, and the next big thing he will be working on is the world map.

Kurigalzu stopped working on location generator and moved on to combat system. We will still come back to the location generator later on to make some changes and adjustments but all major things are completed. When it comes to combat system, right now he is working on collisions and basics of the system.

Vermox continued his work on professions and content. Currently, he’s working on GUI for professions which consists of two windows: profession and crafting. Professions window is complete and now he’s working on the crafting one.

Thank you for reading, until the next Update Monday!0 comments

Blog post #1

Zakharn 2017-04-24 14:43:29


For the past two weeks our progress has been slowed a little bit by Easter Holidays, some of us took several days of leave. However, we still managed to do a lot in that time.

Our design team continued work on big tasks we’ve been working on for the past weeks. Ansambel is working on world generation and professions, while Omadan is designing and writing randomly generated quests. I have been doing some design on professions’ GUI. Piotrek has been working mostly on fixing animation bugs that occured when we converted them from Spriter to Blender. He also drew several armor sprites and did some changes to the plants.

We’ve been also working on recruiting a Level Designer. This recruitment process has been definitely the hardest one we’ve ever had. Usually we clearly knew which candidate was the best. This time it’s not so clear as we have many good candidates. However, we are almost done and we will end this process this week.

Speaking about recruitment, we’ve been lately figuring out legal stuff related to working with someone outside of European Union. By someone I mean the composer we believe to be the right fit for our project. It turns out that laws in Poland are pretty complicated in our specific case, some of them are even contradicting each other. We are hoping to sort this out as soon as possible so the composer will be able to start scoring his awesome music.

That’s all for today, have a nice week!0 comments